19 July 2013

Favorite Fridays.

Graham Crackers... 

I haven't had graham crackers in forever but lately these have become my favorite late night snack!

American Leadership Academy

Have I mentioned that I'm a teacher? Well I am!! I'll be teaching 7th grade English at ALA. I am very excited and a wee bit nervous about school starting but after a week of training meetings I simply wish that the first day of school was here.


Okie said...

Nice! I didn't realize you were a teacher. :)

My BA is in English with the eventual goal to teach Junior High or High School. Sadly (kind of) I "fell into" a career in Software and am taking advantage of the higher salary to pay down mortgage and other bills before making the leap to teaching.

Kudos to you for teaching. Enjoy it. :)

Emilee said...

SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Read the first days of school book for sure! Good luck! OOOH, I love teaching!