18 September 2013

Almost 30.

Holy moly how the heck did that happen?

Today marks a momentous moment in my life--I am almost 30. That's right in a mere 365 days I will forever leave my 20s behind me. To mark this once in a life time event I've decided that I must do something...something big--well slightly big yet manageable because to be honest my main goal is to simply survive my first year of teaching! 

That being said I've decided to embark on an adventure, a visual adventure, one in which I will take a photo everyday. I will document my last year of not being "old" in a unique and memorable way--hopefully this turns out cool and not a bunch of pictures of my bedroom at 11:57 pm!

So let the Almost 30 adventure begin!

...any thoughts on what I should eat, or see, or read, or do before I'm 30?