17 October 2013


As Halloween draws ever near I thought it would be appropriate to high light one of my favorite Buffy the Vampire episodes of all time--Hush.

First, it features one of the creepiest baddies Whedon has put on our tv screens, the gentlemen. "You're gonna die a-screamin' but you can't be heard." The best scene of the episode has to be Giles debriefing with the overhead projector. It's a fun episode but you can't help but wondering what this would be like now with everyone having cell phones, twitter and instagram. Despite the fact that these modern conveniences date the episode it's still a creeptastic classic. 

  • Whedonism: "orgasm friend". 
  • The actors that played the Gentlemen were all professional mimes. Whedon was so impressed that his mime mocking decreased by 40% after filming this episode.
  • Through silence Whedon shows us the importance of communication vs language. You see how fluid the Gentlemen communicate to each other and how clumsy and difficult it is for the Scoobies to communicate with language.

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