22 February 2014


A lot has happened.

Some of those things are super cool--Megs with Legs and I moved out. 

Others not so cool like ending up in the hospital.

Now I will explain. My right foot had been going numb for a couple weeks which lead to some pretty awkward falls. I went to the doctor, they ran some labs, and ordered some tests. I went home glad I finally started the process of finding out what was going on--hoping that it was some kind of vitamin deficiency and not thyroid cancer or something crappy like that.

The next day I went to work. It was a normal day of trying to teach seventh graders poetry and grammar. At lunch when I finally looked at my phone I had missed multiple calls from my doctor. That in and of itself made me a little anxious--then I called them. 

"It looks like you have diabetes. You need to go to the hospital right now."

With blood sugar levels in the 700s I entered the Emergency Room. Ten hours later they finally fed me--and after that long it tasted so good--and then admitted me. I have type 2 diabetes...I have diabetes. It is still hard to believe even though I have sore fingers. I think that I've handled the news pretty well. Don't ask me about what it all means because I'm still wrapping my head around all the information. What I do know is what I have to do today, and that should get me to tomorrow.

This whole experience has made me realize how blessed I am. Yes, blessed! If this had been a year ago, I don't know if I would have gone to the doctor. But now I have a job--doing something I love--and insurance!! I knew there would be a lot of changes being almost thirty, but nothing like this. Still, I'm alive! And I don't have cancer!! It's just diabetes and that can be controlled--right--with diet, exercise and shots of insulin.