12 March 2014

Wednesday Wishes.

Library Card Tank! I need to exercise more--or period--at least that's what my doctor's and the internet keep telling me. I think this would help motivate me. Because let's be honest, if you're going to get all sweaty and gross you need to at least look good--or at least wear something that makes you happy!

When life gives you lemons--and let's be honest life seems to be chucking them at me lately--you need to wear something pretty! These Kate Spade Lemon Keds are adorable and would look super cute on my feet. Plus, you never have to worry about fitting into your shoes.

I seriously wish I had not just bought a new journal! I'm loving this journal, even though it reminds me of something my seventh graders would write their oh so complicated and serious love notes in.

1 comment:

Sharon A. McCulloch said...

Wow!! Nice collection in your wishes list. It's best collection for summer. Specially the shoes are really standard and good looking. I love to wear the shoes..

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