Happiness is the Little Things...

1. Songs that make you want to dance!
2. Finally getting the food you've been craving!
3. The sound of a soda can opening!
4. Steam rising about the shower curtain!
5. Warm towels!
7. Christmas lights!
8. Buying new school supplies!
9. A child's limitless imagination!
10. Catching up with old friends!
12. Rereading a much loved book!
13. Getting lost in a new book!
14. Dreaming about going to Hogwarts!
15. New mascara!
24. Long naps!
25. Jeans that fit perfectly!
29. Getting a tan without getting a sunburn!
31. Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer!
32. Finding something you lost a long time ago!
34. Sunday naps!
37. The sound of popcorn popping!
38. Hot bubble baths!
39. Finding someone worth arguing with!
40. When you finally remember what you came into the room for!
41. Overhearing your parents bragging about you!
43. Finding money in the laundry!
44. Building forts!
45. Getting gifts for no reason!
46. Silence that isn't awkward!
48. Finishing a book!
49. Cuddling!
50. Proper grammar!
51. Libraries!
56. Breakfast for dinner.
61. The cold side of the pillow!
62. Being missed by someone!
66. Spell check!
69. Pinky promises!
70. Knowing yours are bigger than hers!
72. Dimples!
75. Amusing commercials!
76. When your bangs actually work!
77. Hearing your nephews call you Auntie!
80. Watching shows from your childhood!
81. Hand written letters!
82. Seeing a baby laugh!
84. Being kissed on the forehead!
85. Singing at the top of your lungs to the radio in your car!
86. The smell of breakfast in the morning!
88. People who remember your name!
87. Getting an 'A' on a test that you didn't study for!
89. Seeing old friends!
90. Hugs from behind!
91. Recalling good memories with friends!
92. When a baby holds your hand!
93. Secret smiles!
94. Head rubs!
95. Doing something just to see a person smile!
97. Driving on an empty road!
98. Putting in the last puzzle piece!
99. Laughing until your stomach hurts!
100. Photo booths!
101. The smell after it rains!
103. Sleeping on clean sheets!
104. The first swim day of the summer!
105. Crawling into bed at the end of the day!
106. Star gazing!
107. Using a clean warm towel!
109. When someone quotes you!
113. Musicals!
114. Knowing that you're loved!
115. Positive feed back on a paper you worked really hard on!
118. Making lists!
119. Having someone to miss you!
120. Hotel rooms with big comfy beds!
123. Finding the perfect purse on sale!
124. Waking up with perfect hair!
125. Making the perfect playlist!
126. Finally being able to sign the perfect signature!
127. Long hot showers after a long day!
128. Old couples!
129. Holding hands!
130. Someone telling you a secret!
131. Finally understanding something!
132. Getting an 'A' on a paper you wrote the night before!
133. When people spell your name right! (it's Malinda with an 'A'!)
134. A compliment from a stranger!
136. Getting the classes you want!
137. When someone remembers what you taught! (even if you don't remember teaching it!)
138. Friendly cashiers!
139. Fresh baked bread!
141. Pretty socks!
142. Listening to your grandparents tell stories about their lives that you've never heard before!
143. Drinking a cup of tea while watching the rain!
144. Disney movies!
146. The smell of fresh baked cookies!
150. Teaching!
151. Putting your paycheck in the bank!
154. Listening to Julie Andrews sing!
156. Realizing your parents are cool!
158. Closing your eyes and seeing his face!
159. Random acts of kindness!
160. The perfect parking spot!
162. When you finally remember the name of the song that has been stuck in your head!
163. Remembering your dream!
164. Proving a smart person wrong!
165. Watching a Pixar movie for the first time!
167. Watching old home movies!
168. Nicknames!
169. Hearing you were in someone's dream!
171. Gummy bears!
172. High fives!
173. Paying off your credit cards!
174. When your parents say yes instead of no!
175. Opening a brand new book!
176. The feeling you get just after finishing all your homework!
178. Eating ice cream straight from the carton!
180. Fresh flowers!
181. Running through the sprinklers!
182. Free stuff!
184. The smell of a new book!
186. Reading the inscriptions in old books!
187. Looking through old photographs!
189. Little kids telling you about their dreams!
191. Someone to wear your perfect shoes for!
193. Finishing your favorite series...again!
194. Starting a favorite series...again!
195. Al'Lan Mandragoran!
196. Accents!
197. Sunshine after a rainy day!
198. Late night conversations!
200. Guys who smell good!
201. Just shaved legs!
202. Spontaneous adventures!
203. When he smiles at you!
204. When people remember old promises!
205. When reality is better than your expectations!
206. First kisses!
208. A clean room!
209. Taking your heels off at the end of the day!
210. Dresses with pockets!
211. Finding the food you want to eat in the fridge!
212. New underwear!
213. Birthday bras!
214. Kakashi Hatake!
216. Not having to buy the $100 textbook!
218. Laughing until you cry!
219. Banana milk shakes!
220. Scratch and sniff stickers!
222. Perfectly painted nails!
224. A bruise free banana!
225. When you make someone laugh!
228. Macaroni and cheese!
227. A nice cup of tea!
229. Driving on a newly paved road!
231. Jumping in puddles!
232. Jumping in mud puddles!
237. When a person's laugh is funnier than the joke they told!
238. Writing in a brand new notebook!
239. Really studying the scriptures after a long hiatus!
240. When someone gets your sense of humor!
241. Hugs that lift you off the ground!
242. When the lights go down and the play starts!
243. Yu-Gi-Oh!
244. Hearing Julie Andrews sing!
245. When you hear a Star Wars reference and realize that you aren't the only one that gets it!
246. Season 6 of Doctor Who!
247. Walking into a building with Air Conditioning during an Arizona summer!
249. Seeing him walk into the room!
250. Watching any Toy Story movie!
251. City lights at night!
252. Jumping on the trampoline in the rain!
253. The smell of popcorn at the movie theater!
254. The color of people's eyes!
255. Exact change!
256. When the light turns green before you brake!
258. A party that comes together perfectly!
260. When you finally find your keys!
262. When a project deadline is extended!
263. When some saves you a seat! (in the back!!)
266. Fresh flowers!
267. When someone holds the door open for you!
269. Eating the perfect mango!
272. Holding hands!
273. New Bleach episodes!
274. The first summer swim!
275. Falling asleep on the couch and waking up with a blanket on you!
276. Being complimented on an insecurity!
277. Hearing someone call you a friend for the first time!
278. Logging onto Facebook on your birthday!
279. When you see your food coming!
280. When someone likes what you cooked!
281. Redecorating a room!
284. Taking a shower after camping!
285. Accomplishing something before the microwave beeps!
286. Feeling the sun on your skin!
288. The moment you realize your hiccups are gone!
290. Wearing new clothes for the first time!
291. When the last item in the store is your size!
295. Listening to conversations between little kids!
296. Being in a car as it's going through a car wash!
297. Putting dry clothes on after swimming!
298. A new toothbrush!
301. When a person hugs you back tighter!
302. Listening to Christmas music on the radio!
305. When Sean Bean doesn't die!

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